Silikomart Wonder Cakes Modelling Tools set/8


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The Silikomart Wonder Cakes Modelling Tool Set is a multi-functional tool set, especially for modelling and 3D figures. Each tool has a double tip and is provide with an innovative ergonomic handle with a firm grip

This set contains the following tools:

Ball tool: for shape and frill petals and leaves.

Bone tool: thinning out and smoothing the edges of leaves, petals and frills.

Star tool: for star indents or creating centers.

Bulbous cone tool: to hollow out numerous shapes and create frill.

Leaf shaping tool: to smooth and flute paste.

Serrated tool: to make features on modelling figures or embossing a pattern.

Shell & blade tool: creates simple shell-like designs.

Cone & star tool: to create cone-shaped hollow and throats on flowers.

Content: 8 tools.